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Have you gone on a nature walk recently and noticed something interesting? Did you pick up trash in your community this past year? Did you identify a problem facing the environment that you wanted to do something about?  We have the perfect forum for you to showcase your great work! Here’s what you need to include in your video submission for our virtual SEAS Week.

  • Video length should be 5 minutes long or less.
  • If using a phone to make your video, make sure to record with your phone oriented horizontally. *This is so that we can combine your videos with others when sharing during SEAS Week.*
  • Make sure to speak up so we can hear about your amazing project!
  • You MUST include:
    1. Name (first name only is fine)
    2. Grade, school name (if not a homeschooler), community/area where you live
    3. Your environmental topic/activity/problem you decided to explore along with a description.  This can be a project you completed for school, a topic of interest you researched, a tour of the nature walk you took and what you discovered along the way, etc.
  • When describing your project, you might want to consider answering the following:
    1. Why do you think that it is important for our local community to advocate for our environment?
    2. What inspired you personally to take action or complete this activity?
    3. How might you convince others to advocate for the environment?
  • Video submissions can use a combination of content media including but not limited to interviews, student speeches/discussions, photos of your project, photos of a poster that you created, recordings of your scientific observations, before and after transformations as a result of a project, etc.

Please contact us for any questions or assistance at SEAS@loudounnature.org.