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Whether you are a teacher seeking someone to come and speak to your class, a student who wants to perform an outdoor service project, a parent who is homeschooling, or a property owner seeking advice on how to control erosion or place your property in a conservation easement, the Loudoun Environmental Education Resource Guide will be of considerable assistance.

This guide will help you to…

  • Get outside and learn more about Loudoun County’s natural resources
  • Find a place to have a family hike, picnic, bike outing, or nature-oriented activity
  • Locate organizations who offer talks, workshops, and activities that help your family become more environmentally aware and involved
  • Locate opportunities for service projects in the outdoors
  • Locate places that offer indoor activities that might provide entertainment on a rainy day
  • Find organizations who can help you preserve, protect, and steward your property in an environmentally sensitive way so that Loudoun will remain green and healthy in the coming years