Article I.  LEEA Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
The LEEA Chair and Vice Chair shall serve a one-year term.
If, during the one-year term the Chairperson must step down, the Vice Chairperson shall step in to fill the unexpired term of the Chairperson.
The LEEA Board of Directors will begin an immediate search for a new Vice Chairperson to fulfill the remainder of the one-year term of the Chairperson.
The LEEA Board of Directors will then either accept the appointed Vice Chair as the new Vice Chair, or shall hold an election for a new Vice Chair.
The newly elected Vice Chairperson will ascend to the Chair position at the end of the one-year term, and shall begin a new one-year term as the new Chairperson.
At the end of the on-year terms for the Chair and Vice Chair, either or both may seek another one-year term with Board of Director’s vote.
The Board of Directors will decide whether to accept the additional one-year term(s).  A majority vote of the committee chairs and vice chair will decide on the chairperson or vice chairperson extension.
A majority vote of the committee chairs will determine the selection or re-appointment of either the Chair or Vice Chair.  Board members shall not vote for their own position.
Article II.  Committee Chairs
Committee Chairs shall serve a one-year term.  At the end of their term, they may seek to continue as that committee chair with the approval of the other Board of Directors.  The Secretary/Treasurer will serve a two-year term (approved 12/12/2022).
Should a Committee Chair decide to not seek another year as that committee chair, the Board of Directors can accept one of the committee members as the new committee chair.
The Board of Directors can also begin the search of LEEA members to fill the vacant committee member position, if there is a need to fill that vacancy.  The Board of Directors will decide if there is a need to fill the vacancy.
Article III.  Committee Members
The LEEA Chairperson will send an announcement to all LEEA members when seeking committee chairperson or committee member vacant positions and shall report back to the Board of Directors the results of said search(es) during that calendar month.
Article IV.  Calendar Year Elections or Appointments
The calendar year for all LEEA Board, Committee Chair and Committee Member positions shall be from July 1 to June 30 of each calendar year.
[For the 2022 calendar year, the current Board positions could expire on June 30 of this year if we so choose.  These Articles would have to be approved and announced prior to June 30. Preferably the sooner, the better so we have ample opportunities to canvass the LEEA membership for filling any vacancies. ]
Article V.   Term Limit By-Laws
Any additions, deletions or changes to the LEEA Board and Committee Member Term Limit By-Law Articles I-V shall occur with a majority vote of the current Board of Directors.