Bylaws of Loudoun Environmental Education Alliance


Article I: Name and Purpose

The name of this corporation is the Loudoun Environmental Education Alliance (LEEA).

The purpose of LEEA is to foster environmental stewardship within Loudoun County by promoting education, cultivating collaboration, and inspiring community engagement. LEEA serves residents of all ages, including educators, K-12 students, families and groups interested in environmental education.

The corporation is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal code.

Article II: Membership

LEEA has members as determined by the Board of Directors. Membership criteria and rights are defined in a separate membership policy.

Article III: Officers

LEEA officers include a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Advocacy Chair, Communications Chair, Membership Chair, and Programming Chair.  One person may hold more than one chair position.  These officers make up the Board of Directors (Board) and may appoint additional officers as needed.  The Board shall have the authority to make decisions on behalf of LEEA, including but not limited to the appointment of officers, adoption of budgets, and approval of major policies.

Officers shall serve a one-year term.  

If the Chair must step down during their term, the Vice Chair shall step in to fill the unexpired term.  The Board will begin an immediate search for a new Vice Chair. The Board will then either accept the appointed Vice Chair as the new Vice Chair, or shall hold an election for a new Vice Chair.

The newly elected Vice Chair will ascend to the Chair position at the end of the one-year term, and shall begin a new one-year term as the new Chair.

At the end of the one-year terms for the Chair and Vice Chair, either or both may seek another one-year term.  The Board will decide whether to accept the additional one-year term(s).  A majority vote of the Committee Chairs and Vice Chair will decide on the Chair or Vice Chair extension.  

A majority vote of the Board will determine the selection or re-appointment of either the Chair or Vice Chair.  Board members shall not vote for their own position.

At the end of their term, Committee Chairs may seek to continue as that Committee Chair with the approval of the other Board members.

Should a Committee Chair decide to not seek another year in their position, the Board can accept one of the committee members as the new Committee Chair.  

The Board can also begin the search of LEEA members to fill the vacant committee member position if there is a need to fill that vacancy.  The Board will decide if there is a need to fill the vacancy.

The Chair will send an announcement to all LEEA members when seeking Committee Chair or Committee Member vacant positions and shall report back to the Board the results of said search(es) during that calendar month.

Article IV: Officer Roles and Responsibilities


  • Facilitate membership meetings and board meetings
  • Serve as primary point of contact for VAEE
  • Update monthly meeting highlights for the current calendar year
  • Send Year in Review update to members

Vice Chair

  • Fulfill the duties of the Chair in their absence
  • Support the Chair and other officers in performing their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure the smooth transition of board members
  • Commit to taking LEEA Chair position after Vice Chair 1 year completes


  • Take minutes during membership and board meetings and distribute to members
  • Prepare and maintain an annual organizational budget
  • Provide monthly budget updates to the membership 
  • Reimburse members for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Manage Google Drive folders
  • Update the EE Resource Guide annually

Advocacy Chair

  • Network among external organizations, teachers, and resources
  • Seek sponsorships for major events
  • Support LCPS School Board resolutions and policies related to EE
  • Liaise with VAEE for updates on the legislative agenda

Communications Chair

  • Maintain social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Maintain WordPress website
  • Manage Google discussion list
  • Check email in a timely manner and forward to others as appropriate
  • Add important documents to the Google drive for the current calendar year (Historian subcommittee)

Membership Chair

  • Keep track of current members and their contact information
  • Recruit potential new members

Programming Chair

  • Plan and implement at least 2 major events (Loudoun SEAS and any other current programs)
  • Recruit Programming Committee members and schedule regular meetings
  • Ensure planning deadlines are met and that all committee responsibilities are fulfilled
  • Encourage creative ideas for engaging participants and providing opportunities for interaction

Article V: Officer Term Limit

The term for all LEEA Board and Committee Member positions shall be from September 1 to August 31 of each calendar year.

Article VI: Amendments

Any additions, deletions, or changes to the LEEA Bylaws shall occur with a majority vote of the current Board.

Article VII: Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of LEEA, its assets shall be distributed to one or more charitable organizations as determined by the Board in accordance with applicable laws.