In 2007, two Loudoun County environmentalists began discussing how to unite all the environmental organizations in the county: Darrell Schwalm with the Loudoun Watershed Watch and Phil Daley, with the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.  Their discussions led to a meeting with the current LCPS Science Department supervisor, Odette Scovel.  Odette arranged the initial meeting at the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building, April 2007.

Invitations were sent out to non-profits, government agencies and several commercial companies involved with education and environmental issues.  The initial mission was to propose a document to aid teachers, in getting to know who and what was available to help them in their classroom projects and after school clubs.


  • Completed the Resource Guide, organization and subcommittee structure, a tri-fold brochure and web domain registration for
  • Loudoun County Teacher Training was held June 20th at Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve, and in August at Claude Moore Park.


  • Took part in Earth Day celebration at Broadlands Earth Day celebration.
  • Hayden Mathews agreed to co-chair with Bruce McGranahan.


  • Suzie Brown became new LESA co-chair with Hayden Mathews.
  • Revised mission statement.


  • Sponsored seven evening workshops for teachers.
  • A new independent grassroots school garden club teacher group called the Northwest Virginia Regional GREENetwork was formed by elementary school teacher, Mark Pankau.


  • Added new LESA members from Franklin Park (Sarah Delise), Banshee Reeks/Bolen Park, Morven Park (Jackie Wright), Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy (Sarah Steadman).
  • Teacher Workshops/LESA Expo committee formed.
  • Created a LESA Facebook page.


  • Guilford Elementary participated in NOVA Outside’s Student Environmental Action Showcase. It was the only Loudoun County school invited to participate.


  • website created.


  • Charlotte DeMolay, LSWCD and Kelly Senser, LCPL took over as new co-chairs.
  • First formal discussion of a possible Loudoun Student Environmental Action Showcase (SEAS) like NoVA Outside region’s model.
  • Loudoun SEAS planning committees established for Program; Recruitment and Communications; Sponsorships/Finance; Facilities; Volunteers.


  • The inaugural SEAS event on March 26 attracted 300 people and generated a lot of positive energy and network-weaving.
  • LESA name changed to Loudoun Environmental Education Alliance.


  • Had the required 10 VAEE members to receive member benefits back to LEEA.
  • Erika Cuevas and Chad Green to serve as new LEEA co-chairs.
  • Board of directors was formed with the chairpersons of the committees serving as the directors: a co-chair, Advocacy; Communications; Membership Programming.  Communications Chair.  Meetings began as in-person until the pandemic, and then the monthly meetings went virtual with Zoom calls the second Monday of each month.
  • Program Committee reported that SEAS went virtual due to the pandemic.


  • New Vision and Mission created.
  • First Networking Happy Hour held.
  • Created a LEEA YouTube channel.
  • Won a $250 Rapid Response Fund mini-grant from VAEE to promote Loudoun SEAS.
  • Two LEEA members serve on the county’s new environmental commission.


  • Inaugural issue of the LEEA Waterworks newsletter for Jan./Feb. 2022 was published.
  • The new By-Laws (Articles I-V) and the Roles and Responsibilities documents were approved.
  • New board positions were filled: LEEA Chair (Mark Pankau), Secretary/ Treasurer (Chad Green), Communications (Diana Weber), Historian (Kristine Nguyen), Membership (Erika Cuevas).
  • An Instagram account was established.
  • SEAS 2022 was confirmed at Trailside Middle School for April 27th again for a second year.


  • Check issued by CMTA for $2,000 was received by VAEE for SEAS 2023.
  • CMTA awarded $1,100 to SEAS winners.  $500 award went to Leah Johnson, Youth Conservation Leadership Institute student for her exhibit on Sustainability at Loudoun Valley High School with the Green Team Club; $200 awards were given to homeschooler Emma Lloyd for Stream Signage on the W&OD Trail, and to the UNITE Club for their UNICEF Recycling Project at Independence High School. Two, $100 awards were presented to the Loudoun School for Advanced Studies team on the Investigation of Diatoms in a Freshwater Waterway of Loudoun County; Anthony Santos from the Academies of Loudoun for the Development of a Novel Method of Aquatic PFAS Detection Through the Use of Benthic Macroinvertebrates.
  • VAEE agreed to endorse Loudoun SEAS 2023 and 2024.
  • Academies of Loudoun to co-host SEAS 2024, and interest in additional years.
  • Attained 501(c)(3) status.
  • New By-Laws and term limits for board members approved.
  • LEEA EE Think Tank established to develop strategic plan for EE resolution going forward to new LCPS Superintendent Aaron Spence and School Board members, seeking full time staffing of an EE office.  VAEE sends EE resolution letter of support.
  • Organizational membership grows to over 45, with others pending.
  • Applied as a partner in a grant with the Town of Leesburg and the Academies of Loudoun promoting waterworks infrastructure workforce development.