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Loudoun SEAS 2021 would like to showcase your organization during our virtual event happening April 19 – 25. We are asking our community partners create a video, 3 minutes in length or less, which highlights your organizations information on services, opportunities, etc. that promote environmental stewardship in Loudoun. Consider the below when creating your video:

  1. Description of organization.
  2. Highlight your organization’s services/projects which the community can participate in/benefit from/learn more about/how they can help, etc.
  3. Questions to consider:  Does your org offer onsite environmental education experiences?  Does it offer outside opportunities (i.e. hiking, walking, camping, nature play area, sports)?  What Volunteer Opportunities do you offer and what age groups are they for?  Do you partner with any other organizations in your efforts?  Do you have a Nature Play Area?   Do you offer educational materials? Do you offer educational classes, field trips, camps, interpretive programs?  Do you offer internship/externship opportunities?
  4. List of contact info/how to access your org (address, phone number, website, social media urls if applicable, etc.)