LEEA Officer Roles and Responsibilities

● Facilitate membership and board meetings
● Serve as primary point of contact for VAEE
● Submit regional team updates to VAEE
● Send Year in Review update to members

● Fulfill the duties of the chair in their absence
● Support the chair and other officers in performing their roles and responsibilities
● Ensure the smooth transition of board members

● Take minutes during membership and board meetings and distribute to participants
● Prepare and maintain an annual organizational budget
● Provide quarterly budget updates to the board
● Liaise with VAEE treasurer to reimburse members for out-of-pocket expenses
● Manage Google Drive folders

Advocacy Chair
● Network among external organizations, teachers, and resources
● Seek sponsorships for major events
● Support LCPS School Board resolutions and policies related to EE
● Liaise with VAEE for updates on the legislative agenda

Communications Chair
● Maintain social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
● Maintain WordPress website
● Manage Google discussion list
● Check email in a timely manner and forward to others as appropriate

Membership Chair
● Keep track of current members and their contact information
● Recruit potential new members
● Update the EE Resource Guide annually
● Provide quarterly updates on active VAEE memberships

Programming Chair
● Plan and implement at least 2 major events (Loudoun SEAS and Loudoun Nature Days)
● Recruit Programming Committee members and schedule regular meetings
● Ensure planning deadlines are met and that all committee responsibilities are fulfilled
● Encourage creative ideas for engaging participants and providing opportunities for interaction